Welcome to Castle Bieberstein

The Castle Bieberstein boarding school is a pure grammar school located 15 kilometres to the east of Fulda in Hesse. Today, the boarding school holds classes 10 to 13 for students.

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Unique: Our e-international

In Bieberstein students have the option to learn & travel on their way to the final secondary school examination. Travel to Nepal and South Africa without any loss of time.

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In focus: Business sciences

The advanced course Business Sciences prepares our students in a targeted manner for reading political economics or business economics. Business English is also a part of this profile. 

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Growing beyond oneself

We give sports great importance and sport is a part of the daily life of every student: Castle Bieberstein boarding school offers more than just the usual types of sports, from tennis and golf and ball sports to climbing.

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For tolerant interaction

Firmly anchored in the concept: The mother tongue is recognised as the second foreign language in the syllabus. The students should quickly feel at home in Germany: Continuous support on weekends and holidays is assured.

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Scholarships on offer

We grant scholarships annually, to make possible, especially for gifted and ambitious students, the opportunity of benefiting from the particular challenges of a boarding school for their own development and for strengthening the school community. 

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preparatory year

The primary aim of the higher level secondary education preparatory year at Schloss Bieberstein is to acquire language qualifications B2 and/or C1. After the preparatory year, students are well prepared in terms of content and language and are therefore able to attend the grammar school education programme at Schloss Bieberstein.

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Castle Bieberstein - the lietz boarding school

The Castle Bieberstein boarding school is a pure grammar school located 15 kilometres to the east of Fulda in Hesse. Today, the boarding school holds the senior years of a German grammar school (ages 15 and up). The e-international is a feature that is unique in Germany. Its purpose is to get familiar with new cultural, social and sports offerings and expand on the knowledge of languages.

Castle Bieberstein is the higher level secondary school of the Lietz boarding schools and was founded in 1904 by Hermann Lietz. At one time the summer residence of the Prince-Abbots of Fulda, today it is home to 125 girls and boys of the upper school (sixth form). They are cared for by 25 teachers, male and female, as well as 25 other staff. Since the Bieberstein students are all young adolescents, they live and work in a less rigidly regimented environment than at the middle level. Every room has Internet and Intranet connections. Handling modern communications facilities is a given for our youth. Just as important is working with the printed word. There is a comprehensive, well-equipped library for this purpose.