Elective options

The starter's gun in the introduction phase

In this level, students have traditional core subjects, but also choose additional subjects such as geography, business sciences and Spanish as a third foreign language. The teachers and educators prepare students at this level for important academic decisions. At the end of the introduction phase, students must not only select advanced courses for the qualification phase, but they must also decide whether they wish to take the linguistics or the natural science path.

When there is a choice, there is also the pain of choosing

This need not be the case: With good, individualised advice and supervision, the students are not alone in their decision-making. In addition, they have time to think everything through and to either confirm or cancel the decisions through the test lessons. Every student chooses two advanced courses from the main traditional core subjects mathematics, Biology, English, Business Sciences, Art and German.

Additional subjects like geography can be selected in the basic courses. We try and match the wishes and individual strengths of our students, so that for example, the subject can be an examination in the final secondary school examinations, or replaced by a substitute subject. In the area of foreign languages, students can continue with French, Latin or Spanish as the second foreign language, or start anew in the introduction phase with Spanish. Our Chinese students can study their mother tongue as the second foreign language or start afresh with Spanish.

A good decision

Once the decision is made and the student has a good feeling about it, he can enter the qualification phase. Every student now has a filled-out short-list note and knows what his academic path will be.


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Sandra Möllers / deputy headmaster