Higher level secondary school

Three years of secondary school with individual profile selection

Secondary school of the State of Hesse is divided into two phases: The first year of the secondary school is the introductory phase (E-phase), in which all the subjects have to be taken, and which are taught in Bieberstein in combined classes. The qualification phase (Q-phase) includes four half-years up to the final secondary school examinations with the intermediate stage of the vocational diploma (after the Q2, the students have generally passed the academic part of the vocational diploma).

Selecting advanced courses according to your own strengths

In keeping with Hesse State school regulations, every student can set an individual area of specialisation in Bieberstein through the choice of the advanced courses. For example, linguistically gifted students can select advanced courses English and German, while students with aptitude in the natural sciences can choose mathematics and biology.


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Sandra Möllers / deputy headmaster