International students

Perfect integration of international students

The Lietz Castle Bieberstein boarding school team thinks in a very international-oriented manner – more than a tenth of our students are international and come from all over the world. Accordingly, in the last few years, the school has aligned itself conceptually, and guarantees foreign students outstanding facilitation.

The international students do not form a separate group by themselves, but are uniformly distributed across the various dormitory families and attend regular classes and participate in the courses, but enjoy special facilitation and support. Students attending the higher level secondary school and not speaking native speaker German sometimes need special help for improving their language skills. Occasionally, depending on the culture at their place of birth, there may be a lack of background knowledge of German culture.

Acquiring and enhancing knowledge 

The Lietz Castle Bieberstein boarding school has therefore set up a comprehensive facilitation structure. "German as a foreign language" (DaF) is taught in all classes, and fundamentals of German culture are taught in the subject "Culture and History" (KuGe). Learning support is provided in the introductory phase of the 10th class and vocabulary training in study hours. 

In parallel with the introductory phase, many of our international students attend the preliminary language course of h 10 to 12 weekly hours. During these both the general language knowledge is built up, and specific content from the lessons is also dealt with. Apart from improving language competence, preparations are made for the acquisition of additional qualifications such as the B2-German certificate.

Speaking and hearing comprehension skills develop quickly from living in the place where the language is spoken, and from a good distribution across different classes and dormitory families. The additional facilitation in "German as a foreign language" encourages reading comprehension and writing skills, and in "Culture and history", bridges are built for understanding European history and German culture. In this manner, our international students can meet the requirements of higher level secondary school.


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Michael Meister / headmaster