For the future

How are the students prepared for their professional future?

The primary task of our team is to educate students further in the various subjects, give them a large package of methodological skills and bring them up to be responsible and open humans. Students develop to different levels, so that very different approaches have to be adopted to achieve this goal.

What is done over and above the lessons?

Many students do not yet have any specific idea of their professional future. Here, collaboration with vocational advisers of the Berufsinformationszentrums (BIZ or Job Information Centres) is very important. There is comprehensive material available free of cost to youngsters. Apart from the media library, the BIZ regularly holds a large number of events such as a lecture series for vocational information, vocation seminars, seminars on finding one's profession and various discussion rounds, for which participation is organised by our school. In the past, close cooperation with student counsellors of the universities made it possible for many students, on the open door day, to participate in a typical student day and thus get help in coming to a decision. 

Who advises the students at the site?

Students are advised in all class levels by the head of studies. Contacts are set up with the corresponding institutions in the framework of the consultancy. Furthermore, students are expected to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses through intensive discussions and aptitude tests, discover active possibilities of shaping their lives and professions, and develop a professional goal which conforms to their personal attributes and wishes for the future. 

What specific events take place?

Apart from regular individual discussions with vocation consultants and lecture series, the students visit universities, get information on the "Open day" and visit education fairs. Moreover, every two years an internal profession fair is offered for parents, alumni and friends on the Parents' Weekend at Bieberstein.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Michael Meister / headmaster