Orientation of interests

How are the strengths of the students nurtured?

The team is very enthusiastic about aligning with the interests of students, and with these interests as the basis, consolidating strengths and overcoming weaknesses, and in an ideal situation, awakening interest in new things. This is demonstrated on the part of the school, for example, by offering business economics as well as certain electives like geography, which are not binding in the syllabus requirement of the state of Hesse.


Moreover, at Castle Bieberstein, the interests of students are also looked after by an extensive range of extracurricular activities and practical work opportunities – starting from sports, where we have a very wide range from individual sports to team games – to music – to multifarious artistic activities like pottery or forging. Even extracurricular activities similar to academic lessons, such as philosophy or debating are very popular with students.

What is offered over and above daily lessons?

If a student has certain interests that are not yet catered for at Castle Bieberstein, we try to provide as much support as possible. Examples of this are membership of a golf club or football association, or augmented tennis training, or allowing a student to bring his or her own horses along, which can also be taken care of during holidays. Opportunities for participating in tournaments or extracurricular events in sports is welcomed and supported.

Are the students independent?

Another option for satisfying interests is for a student to be permitted to lead his or her own extracurricular activity club. If a student has an idea for an extracurricular activity club and a plan for supporting it, he may lead it independently with the support of an educationist. At Castle Bieberstein, everyone is guaranteed to find something to suit his or her needs.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Ulrike Kramer / further education