Living together in Bieberstein

Students live in the boarding school in so-called dormitory families with about ten others. They are looked after by a male or female teacher, who must take on the functions of the dormitory family's mother or father.

The private residences of the dormitory family's parents (if applicable, with the life partner and children) are on the school campus. The students are additionally cared for by a dormitory family godfather who, for example, is another teacher or social educationist. The three main meals of the day are taken together at the table of the dormitory family in the dining hall. Before lights out, the "parents" of the dormitory families make a visit round through the family area, during which individual conversations can be had with the students.


The dormitory families are distributed across several buildings on the school campus. The students have either an entire house, or at least a separate floor, with their own sanitary facilities and recreational areas. There are only single and double rooms in Bieberstein. Those taking the secondary school examinations always have single rooms.


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Michael Meister / headmaster