Live and learn in a special ambience

For more than 300 years, people of different origins have lived in Castle Bieberstein, which was originally built by the architect Johann Dientzenhofer for the Prince-Abbots of Fulda. Since 1904, it has housed students of the Lietz boarding schools, who live and learn together in the historic building.

Particularly for international students, the building and the all-round view that the location of the mountain makes possible are a remarkable highlight. Generally, the students are housed in double rooms, with those appearing for the final secondary school examinations having claims to single rooms. The youngsters live together in boarding school groups (dormitory families or house families) in contiguous living areas. These dormitory families each have a table in the dining hall, at which they have all their meals together. The location of the castle grounds in the middle of a forest on a hilltop gives the Lietz-Castle Bieberstein boarding school a rather special natural compactness.  


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Michael Meister / headmaster