Sports as part of the daily routine

From a climbing course, riding school to volleyball – sports are given great importance at the Castle Bieberstein boarding school. Numerous possibilities and facilities are available to the students. Sports lessons are considered an important integral component of our upbringing concept. Sport challenges and fosters the individual, and strengthens and bonds the community at the same time.

Sports lessons are given in the higher level secondary school in accordance with the regulations in the ordinance. This includes the option of appearing for the sports secondary school examination in the fourth and fifth subject. The emphasis on sports at Castle Bieberstein is on the disciplines Le Parcours/free running, riding, martial arts and climbing. This includes obtaining a climbing certificate in the E-phase, i.e. for all new students, as well as an annual project in parcours, partly as compulsory lessons, partly in project form, as well as belt examinations in kickboxing.

And in addition: Extracurricular activities and practical work

It is mandatory for every student to take three compulsory electives from the areas of extracurricular activities (cultural activities) and PA (practical work, community service). They are generally taught for two periods. In Sports, there is a choice between practical work subjects Sports Hall and horse grooming. The sports clubs available for selection are football, volleyball, basketball, climbing, tennis, riding, golf, martial arts, endurance sport as well as aerobics and fitness for girls.

Sports on weekends and during excursions

Every second or third weekend in the boarding school is a presence weekend, during which the students are present. In the winter half-year, there are visits to the indoor climbing halls in the vicinity. For extracurricular activity participants, taking part in a competition is mandatory. Together with the Schondorf country upbringing home, Bieberstein founded the "Climbing festival of the LEHs", on the occasion of which climbers meet every year in another home. During the hot months, climbing is practised on the in-house stone wall or the external climbing facility of Bieberstein, and there are also climbing trips to Franconian Switzerland.

Training camps in martial arts are offered twice a year. With the permission of the parents, skiing and snowboarding is possible on the Wasserkuppe mountain during the winter months. From 2004 to 2009, inland and overseas travels were offered as a part of the "Lietz Expeditions" for rock and mountain climbers, partially sponsored by parents and alumni, to go climbing on Mallorca, Tenerife, the Eastern Alps, the Western Alps, in Scotland, Turkey and Tanzania.

Be active in sports even after completion of lessons

To provide resources to our students for use in their free time, our sports hall is open daily up to 10.30 p.m. and is freely accessible outside of the school lesson times and extracurricular activity times. It includes the sports hall itself, the climbing hall, the boulder room, the spinning bikes and the weight/exercise room. Apart from the sports teachers, there are trainers, male and female, available for tennis, riding, trampoline, martial arts and climbing. Castle Bieberstein gets particularly gifted and interested students trained as tutors.


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Reiner Lange / sports teacher