Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities and practical work

There are numerous different elective compulsory offerings at the Lietz Castle Bieberstein boarding school, the so-called extracurricular activities and PAs (practical work). There is a comprehensive, age-related offering of sports and intellectual activities apart from lessons. Numerous extracurricular activity clubs offer meaningful handicraft work, art-oriented and sports activities. The idea behind this is to offer the students a pleasant change from the day-to-day school routine, matched to their interests. 

The following offerings are available to the students:

Extracurricular activities:

Endurance sports, band/singing, basketball, badminton, Chinese culture, debating club, fitness training for girls, French culture and language, football, history, goldsmithy, golf, kickboxing, climbing, cooking, art, riding, forging, tennis, pottery and volleyball

Practical work: 

Library, bus, chemistry/biology, electronics, firefighting, medical service, shop, tea houses, key management, sports hall and tutors for international students


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Mathilda Luxenburger / extracurricular activities